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Roman Greenberg

Ones To Watch

29th March 2004


Picture courtesy of Andrea Wright 



6 foot, 3 inches of good-looking muscle with a personality that packs a punch; Roman Greenberg is definitely the one to watch in 2004.

At the age of 21 and with his career on the rise, Roman is highly rated by trainers, promoters, managers and boxing legends alike. The sporting press were quick to notice Roman‘s talents with renowned boxing journalists singing his praises and now eagerly monitoring his progress. Angelo Dundee, trainer of the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard and the celebrated Ali, says Roman ‘is the fastest big guy he‘s seen since Muhammad‘ (Ali is Roman‘s biggest influence).

Famous for his speed in the ring, Roman‘s rise up the sporting ladder has been equally swift.  In 1999 he was the youngest ever winner of the Israeli national heavyweight title and in 2000 became the world Junior Silver Medallist. Born in Russia and then raised in Israel, Roman has since made the UK his home and hence naturally speaks four languages - Hebrew, Russian, German and English.

When training you‘re likely to hear the sounds of D12, 50 Cent and all the big rappers of the moment pumping through the gym.  Victorious in all 14 of his professional fights, winning 11 of those by a knockout, Roman is fast proving his talents and living up to the hype. Roman has his immediate sights set on the European title and expects to achieve his goal by the beginning of 2005.


Picture Courtesy of Andrea Wright

Totally committed to a gruelling training schedule, Roman is a health conscious individual, but admits he has a weakness for his favourite take-away foods and would eat a McDonalds every day if he could! Like many other sportsmen Roman tries hard to avoid superstitions. He has no rituals and prefers to be confident in himself, his ability and his desire to be a success.

Out of the ring, you‘re more likely to find Roman chilling at the chessboard (although he‘s not a patch on his brother who is the Junior Chess Champion of Israel). He‘s a gentle giant whose cheeky charm and dry sense of humour has won him legions of female fans, who describe him as the Justin Timberlake of the boxing world (a title he‘s not sure about!)

Despite utter confidence in the ring, the pin-up says he still gets nervous when chatting up English girls and is often embarrassed when asked for an autograph.

Top British promoter Robert Waterman who promotes Roman has said he sees him as " The worlds first billion dollar fighter".

Roman is one of many great names in boxing that Robert promotes such as
Carl Thompson: Former WBO, Cruiserweight champion of the world famous for beating Chris Eubank.
Matthew Barney: Current WBU champion of the world and former undefeated British Champion.
Clinton Woods: No 3 in the world, former British Commonwealth and European light heavyweight champion. Challenging for the IBF championship of the world 2004
Noel Wilders: Former European bantam weight champion.
Geard Ajetovic: World & European, light middleweight champion and unbeaten as a professional.

With Such an impressive profile and team behind him Roman is destined for greatness.

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