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Justin Timberlake: Justified Tour 2003

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Sunday 17th May 2003




It was Saturday afternoon and I was sitting at home contemplating what I would be doing the next day. Maybe clean the flat, cook a Sunday dinner or even take the hamster out for a walk. It was then I took a call that would change my life forever! It was my friend Hemal he had just told me that he had one spare ticket to see Justin Timberlake at the London Arena.

My head was spinning I did not know what to say, all I could hear was my Grandpa in the background shouting, "Charlie you have the last Justin ticket, Charlie you have the last Justin ticket" he is a big fan of �Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory� and got carried away. Anyway Sunday came quickly and we were all in the car on our way to see the God that is Justin.

Once we had arrived at the gates of the London Arena the excitement was tangible, to say the least. We all headed to our seats and were greeted by the warm up act that was Jamelia.  It was five minutes into her set when we felt our time would be better spent going to the bar, not least to save our ears from what can only be described as noise. Whilst at the bar we discussed that we all expected to see what would be the greatest show on earth, and Justin certainly didn�t disappoint.

From the first note to the last it seemed to last no longer than 30mins, but to our astonishment a whole 1hr and 20 mins had passed us by. With classic performances of his chart topping hit "Cry Me a River" and "Like I Love You" and with his slinky moves, Justin had the whole audiences attention, not to mention mine.

Even though I was in a room with the most women I had ever seen in my life and many of them absolutely stunning, I only had eyes for one person, and he was the reason that I went home that night with the biggest smile on my face and thinking I had finally seen the new King of Pop.


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